Sunday, December 5, 2010

I visited Vog (Russia) today and it's freezing down to negative 34 degrees says Palestinian Swimmer Fadi Awisat

I can't imagine living in a city which is completely covered by thick blanket of snow with a temperature dropping to negative 34 degrees centigrade.

In a minute I toured the city of Vog  today (at least a snapshot) through the lenses of one of Palestine's best swimmers Fadi Awisat (فادي حسين عويسات), my friend and my brother.  From what I saw, I think the snow was at least a meter thick.  I thought it's good time to play outside but Fadi says it's not possible.  It's dangerous.  It's not safe.

Fadi Awisat is in Volgrograd, Russia 2 months ago and he will be back in Palestine in May 2011.  Here I want to talk about Fadi Awisat, younger brother of Raad Awisat, Palestine's first Swimmer representative for the 2004 Athens Olympics.  Thanks to the great efforts of their trainer, manager and father Mr. Hussein.

Fadi Awisat's rise in  Sports (Swimming)

Representing the Palestine State are other young Palestinian swimmers like Hamzeh Abdo, Basel Obedat, Magd Abdo, Majl Tawil, Yousef Shkerat  and his very own brother Raad Awisat who competed 100m Butterfly & 50m Freestyle in July 2003 10th FINA World Championship in Barcelona, Spain and the Athens Olympics in 2004.

Just like his elder brother Raad (or Raed), Fadi started joining in sports at the young age of 11. Vigorous and strong-minded as his age suggests, he started competing in swimming first in Germany at German Youth Swim Cup for Clubs in 2000 and in 2004 respectively. He also competed at the Danish International Swim Cup at Esbjerg, Denmark in March of 2001 when he was just 12 years old; in the Arab Swimming Championship for Clubs in Amman, Jordan (July 2002) and in Morocco (May 2003).

While his brother representing Palestine at the Olympics at the age of 18, in July 2004, Fadi Awisat again competed for the Asian Open Water Championship held in Kuwait.  In April 2006, he competed in a bigger event at World Swimming Fin held in Alexandria, Egypt. He was 17 years old.

His swimming career was recognized professionally when he finally represented Palestine at the 8th FINA World Swimming Championship in Shanghai, China in March 2006 when he was exactly 16 years and 8 months old.

During the 15th Asian Games held in Doha, Qatar in December 2006, once more he hoisted the Palestine’s national symbol for the competition.

At FINA’s prestigious 12th World Aquatic Championship held in Melbourne, Australia, he ranked fairly well for the 50m Freestyle and 100 Backstroke. Though he aimed to bring home the sweet prize of victory the mere fact that he represented his country makes him still the unbeatable winner in the heart of every Palestinian. At that young age, he and his brother Raad made their country proud of the Awisat brothers, a legacy that will forever be recorded in the history of Palestine. Of course, credit should also go to their father and trainier Mr. Hussein Awisat for bringing out the best from his two sons.

Source: Wikipedia Swimming at the 2007 World Aquatics Championships – Men's 50 metre backstroke

46Fadi Awesat Palestine30.84

Source: Wikipedia Swimming at the 2007 World Aquatics Championships – Men's 100 metre backstroke

NameNationality50m splitTime

H03 L6Fadi Awesat Palestine31.621:06.20

Among Fadi's achievements are:

  • Three times Best Award Swimming Champion in Palestine
  • Five times Palestinian Record number in 50m & 100m Freestyle
  • Best Palestinian Swimmer Award in 2005-2006
Aside from swimming, Fadi is also good in Soccer and Track and Fields gaining him the Best Goalkeeper in High School in 2004 and 9th Place in High School Marathon in 2006 in Jerusalem.

Now at the age of 21, he’s enjoying the life he deserves. He is now teaching younger Palestinian generation in swimming and has enjoyed touring many cities in the Middle East, Europe and some Asian countries gaining trophies of friends from different parts of the globe. That makes him even a bigger winner from the heart of those who love him!

At present, Fadi is in Volgograd, Russia. Hopefully he will be back in Palestine in May 2011. He says, he really misses his family particularly his mother and the way how his mother pampered him with his favorite food.

Thank you Fadi and may you be in safe hands always, carry on with your faith, believe in your dreams and make it happen, stay humble and simple and stand strong not for you but for those who believe in you. Your dreams are the dreams of every Palestinian who are looking up to you as their strong model—an image of unfaltered determination and success for many are hoping for the best in every Palestinian through you and your brother Raad


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Conversation with Fadi Awisat in Russia 5-Dec-2010


  1. er thank you so much ,,iam so happy for that :) you are the best iam proud of you my friend :) it's amazing really ))) thank you :)

    Swimmer Fadi Awisat

  2. Hello Fadi,

    you are most welcome.... I have 100 reasons to be thankful too... :)