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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Insensitive Aquino says the Philippine money is NOT a map!!!

This is the President of the Republic of the Philippines; the unico hijo of our greatest modern heroes Ninoy and Cory Aquino.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Philippines lost from Indonesia Football Match

Source: AsianFootball

Jakarta: Christian Gonzales secured Indonesia's place in the AFF Suzuki Cup final on Sunday, firing in the only goal as his side downed the Philippines 1-0 in the second leg of the semi-finals at the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium.

The Uruguay-born striker netted his tournament-leading third goal just before half-time to complete a 2-0 aggregate win for the Indonesians, which set up a meeting in the final against Malaysia, who eliminated defending champions Vietnam on Saturday.

It will be a clash between two teams that have not previously won the AFF Suzuki Cup with the first leg in Kuala Lumpur on December 26 and the return match in Jakarta three days later.

Philippines coach Simon McMenemy named an unchanged starting line-up for a fourth game in a row but Indonesia coach Alfred Riedl made a change up front as forward Irfan Bachdim was replaced by Yongki Aribowo, who made his first appearance in the tournament.

Roared on by a capacity crowd that included Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the Indonesians began in the ascendancy. The first sign of real danger came after 11 minutes when Yongki turned past Philippines skipper Alexander Borromeo in midfield and played the ball through for Gonzalez, who beat the offside trap but failed to get to the ball ahead of goalkeeper Neil Etheridge.

Although they trailed 1-0 in the tie, the Philippines failed to generate any concerted pressure and were limited to shots from long range in the first half. They failed to get their attempts anywhere near the target with Phil Younghusband, Chris Greatwich and Anton Del Rosario all firing over the crossbar.

The Indonesians started to turn their pressure into decent chances but Gonzales was guilty of flubbing two clear-cut chances midway through the first half. The Uruguay-born forward directed a diving header off a cross by Mohammed Nasuha directly at Etheridge and then failed to make any decent contact when he was found completely unattended in the six-yard box by Muhammad Ridwan's cutback from the right by-line.

Tempers boiled over in the 41st minute when Greatwich appeared to kick out at Ahmad Bustomi while both players were on the ground near the halfway line. It sparked off a scuffle between both sides with Greatwich eventually booked. The resulting free-kick found its way past the entire host Philippines defence to Gonzalez but the striker was unprepared to receive the ball and could only direct it wide of the target.

Gonzales had missed three clear-cut chances but he finally made one count two minutes before the break. His initial shot was blocked by Borromeo but the defender failed to get it clear and the ball broke right back to Gonzales who curled it at the second attempt past Etheridge into the top left corner of the net to become the leading scorer of the tournament with three goals.

Despite holding a two-goal advantage, the Indonesians continued to turn the screw at the beginning of the second half. Five minutes after the break Zulkifly Syukur fired an attempt from 25 metres straight at Etheridge. The goalkeeper knocked it down dangerously in front of himself and appeared to bowl over Yongky as they went for the loose ball. However, Bahraini referee Ali Hasan Abdulnabi decided not to whistle for a penalty.

With little left to lose, the Philippines began to exert greater pressure and nearly pulled a goal back in the 56th minute when Borromeo flicked Del Rosario's throw-in to Phil Younghusband, who guided his attempt over the crossbar.

With 20 minutes left, the ball fell to Del Rosario on the edge of the box. He put his shot on target but it was too close to Markus Harison to cause the goalkeeper any real problems.

The visitors' best opportunities arrived with just 10 minutes to go. Substitute Emelio Caligdong nearly put the ball past Markus after Hamka Hamzah had been caught in possession in his own box. Greatwich then headed wide after Borromeo had flicked on Del Rosario's long throw.

The Philippines' disappointing night was completed three minutes from time when Greatwich was sent off after receiving his second booking for a desperate lunge on Markus.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Again, Batanes is off the map in the new 1000 peso bill

We, Ivatans are not surprised with the latest willful display of gross ignorance when the government printed new 1000 peso notes showing inaccurate geographical Philippine map (see below).

As you can see in the above photos, Batanes was deliberately excluded from the Philippine Map which shows that this ignorance is still prevailing  in the Philippine among the elites.  This ignorance is disgusting such that I can't simply accept this mistake was just a "minor" problem.  I wonder how much money was spent just for printing these inaccurate 'facts' to be the official Philippine Monetary notes to be circulated for the next few years.  Think of the long-term effect of this error to the next generation thinking that the Philippines' northern most province was these small FIVE DOTS just above the main Luzon island? It's most disgusting because I believe this new note passed through many "EDITORS" and "PROOF-READERS" before reaching its approval.  What happened? This error was a waste of people's tax money and a waste of time. Don't you think?

You may want to know how serious was the effect of this willful ignorance.  Well I was a victim of bullying in college just because I am from an unknown place on earth.  "Batanes? Saan ba 'yon, sa Visayas ba yan? May sasakyan na ba sa inyo? Nagsusuot na ba ng damit ang mga tao sa inyo?" Not knowing that Ivatans fly by airplane more frequently than any other Filipinos! Walang nagbabahag na sumasakay sa eroplano!

Old Philippine Map used in Textbooks

Source: Google Maps

I am still wishing that Batanes belongs to Taiwan. I think Taiwan and the Taiwanese have the reason why they prided Batanes more than the Philippines (read Ethnic Groups in the Philippines and my earlier blog post here). That would only justify the Philippines and the Filipino people's continuous and willful ignorance of the Batanes Islands as the Northernmost Island Province of the country and its natives, the Ivatan People in general.

Added to that ignorance? The insulting movie called "BATANES"

When will they learn?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

FIFA Released it's Coca-Cola World Ranking for 2010

FIFA released its Coca-Cola World Ranking, and the Philippines ranks 150th and Palestine ranks 177th out of 203 Countries and States listed for FIFA. It's still a long way up for Filipinos and Palestinians.
Dec 10
+/- Ranking
Nov 10
+/- Pts
Nov 10
1Spain Spain18870Equal-33
2Netherlands Netherlands17230Equal5
3Germany Germany14851Up-4
4Brazil Brazil1446-1Down-47
5Argentina Argentina13380Equal-15
6England England11950Equal-55
7Uruguay Uruguay11520Equal-22
8Portugal Portugal10900Equal-12
9Egypt Egypt10781Up31
10Croatia Croatia1075-1Down-23
11Greece Greece10160Equal-27
12Norway Norway9950Equal-9
13Russia Russia9820Equal-21
14Italy Italy9650Equal-30
15Chile Chile9501Up21
16Ghana Ghana9081Up5
17Slovenia Slovenia897-2Down-61
18USA USA8676Up20
18France France8673Up15
20Slovakia Slovakia854-2Down-12
21Côte d'Ivoire Côte d'Ivoire846-2Down-11
22Switzerland Switzerland841-1Down-11
23Serbia Serbia8372Up9
24Paraguay Paraguay832-1Down-18
25Montenegro Montenegro8241Up-3
26Australia Australia815-6Down-38
27Mexico Mexico7951Up5
28Denmark Denmark790-1Down-22
29Japan Japan7761Up-5
30Czech Republic Czech Republic7511Up-5
31Turkey Turkey741-2Down-47
32Nigeria Nigeria7251Up14
33Sweden Sweden7122Up9
34Ukraine Ukraine7022Up4
35Algeria Algeria687-1Down-19
36Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland681-4Down-49
37Cameroon Cameroon6701Up14
38Belarus Belarus6602Up12
39Gabon Gabon648-2Down-25
40Korea Republic Korea Republic647-1Down-6
41Burkina Faso Burkina Faso6440Equal14
42Hungary Hungary6321Up17
43Northern Ireland Northern Ireland615-1Down-12
44Bosnia-Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina5827Up40
45Tunisia Tunisia576-1Down-22
46Austria Austria5693Up-3
46Guinea Guinea5691Up-6
48Colombia Colombia558-1Down-17
49Bulgaria Bulgaria555-4Down-42
50Israel Israel5515Up16

51South Africa South Africa550-1Down-12
52Scotland Scotland5422Up5
53Botswana Botswana53514Up65
53Ecuador Ecuador5358Up37
55Lithuania Lithuania532-9Down-44
56Romania Romania531-4Down-7
57Belgium Belgium5265Up32
58Jamaica Jamaica52224Up109
59Honduras Honduras516-2Down-6
60Venezuela Venezuela515-4Down-12
60Armenia Armenia515-1Down-2
62Cuba Cuba51232Up159
63New Zealand New Zealand506-4Down-11
64Panama Panama5010Equal21
65Albania Albania497-7Down-23
66Iran Iran4950Equal16
67Mali Mali488-3Down8
68Peru Peru486-16Down-52
69Costa Rica Costa Rica467-6Down-23
70Senegal Senegal4645Up21
71Benin Benin4621Up13
72Libya Libya4519Up37
73Poland Poland449-2Down-3
73Georgia Georgia4495Up27
75Cape Verde Islands Cape Verde Islands4448Up36
76Zambia Zambia441-7Down-16
76FYR Macedonia FYR Macedonia4410Equal2
78Latvia Latvia440-5Down-6
79Morocco Morocco4371Up22
80Uganda Uganda429-11Down-28
81Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia427-13Down-34
82Estonia Estonia426-8Down-18
83Finland Finland4194Up30
84Moldova Moldova4110Equal6
84Canada Canada4111Up8
86Malawi Malawi396-9Down-27
87China PR China PR3892Up7
88Angola Angola3784Up8
89Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago373-11Down-49
90Cyprus Cyprus3673Up-2
90Haiti Haiti36711Up32
92Sudan Sudan3664Up22
93Bahrain Bahrain351-6Down-38
94Grenada Grenada349-3Down-26
94Niger Niger3498Up25
96Mozambique Mozambique3462Up7
97Bolivia Bolivia3442Up7
98Azerbaijan Azerbaijan343-8Down-38
99Oman Oman329-2Down-11
100Gambia Gambia3253Up2

101Iraq Iraq323-2Down-14
102Kuwait Kuwait3173Up1
103Togo Togo3134Up14
104Jordan Jordan305-9Down-47
105United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates301-1Down-17
106Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda2999Up46
107Syria Syria2962Up14
108Korea DPR Korea DPR292-1Down-7
109Guyana Guyana275-23Down-117
109Uzbekistan Uzbekistan275-3Down-28
111Central African Republic Central African Republic2631Up0
112Iceland Iceland261-2Down-14
112Wales Wales261-1Down-12
114Qatar Qatar260-1Down1
115Suriname Suriname2576Up26
116Tanzania Tanzania2568Up31
117El Salvador El Salvador2510Equal4
118Guatemala Guatemala2478Up30
119Zimbabwe Zimbabwe246-1Down0
120Kenya Kenya240-4Down-11
121Thailand Thailand239-7Down-15
121St. Kitts and Nevis St. Kitts and Nevis2391Up9
121Congo Congo239-2Down0
124Ethiopia Ethiopia2317Up53
125Sierra Leone Sierra Leone2240Equal5
126Yemen Yemen212-4Down-18
127Indonesia Indonesia2118Up39
128Burundi Burundi2028Up31
129Dominica Dominica196-1Down-5
130Congo DR Congo DR190-1Down-6
131Barbados Barbados187-11Down-48
132Rwanda Rwanda185-5Down-30
133Puerto Rico Puerto Rico184-3Down0
134Luxembourg Luxembourg180-1Down5
135Turkmenistan Turkmenistan173-1Down0
136Faroe Islands Faroe Islands171-5Down-7
137Vietnam Vietnam1672Up10
138Kazakhstan Kazakhstan154-1Down-15
138Namibia Namibia1543Up0
140Singapore Singapore148-2Down-20
141Chad Chad1476Up21
142St. Vincent and the Grenadines St. Vincent and the Grenadines132-3Down-25
142India India1320Equal-13
144Malaysia Malaysia1286Up16
145Tajikistan Tajikistan1264Up5
146Hong Kong Hong Kong124-1Down-4
147Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau1211Up-4
148Liechtenstein Liechtenstein11610Up25
149Myanmar Myanmar109-5Down-24
150Philippines Philippines1081Up-1

151Netherlands Antilles Netherlands Antilles1072Up0
152Fiji Fiji103-9Down-41
153Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei1022Up0
154Lebanon Lebanon923Up-2
155Madagascar Madagascar913Up0
156New Caledonia New Caledonia890Equal-12
157Cayman Islands Cayman Islands883Up0
158Nicaragua Nicaragua863Up0
159Bangladesh Bangladesh84-8Down-25
160Swaziland Swaziland825Up1
160Liberia Liberia824Up0
162Maldives Maldives81-16Down-46
163Sri Lanka Sri Lanka79-10Down-28
164Malta Malta765Up-1
165Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea722Up-7
166Cambodia Cambodia684Up-5
167Vanuatu Vanuatu675Up3
168Dominican Republic Dominican Republic66-6Down-19
169Laos Laos642Up-6
170Lesotho Lesotho624Up0
171Pakistan Pakistan56-4Down-23
172Belize Belize543Up0
172Nepal Nepal54-9Down-30
174Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan502Up0
175Bermuda Bermuda49-2Down-14
176British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands411Up0
177Palestine Palestine401Up0
177Eritrea Eritrea40-12Down-41
177Solomon Islands Solomon Islands401Up0
180Mauritania Mauritania381Up0
181St. Lucia St. Lucia371Up0
182Somalia Somalia32-2Down-7
182Mongolia Mongolia321Up0
184Tahiti Tahiti310Equal0
185Samoa Samoa260Equal0
186Comoros Comoros240Equal0
187Turks and Caicos Islands Turks and Caicos Islands191Up0
188Tonga Tonga171Up0
188Cook Islands Cook Islands171Up0
188Guam Guam171Up0
191Mauritius Mauritius161Up0
191Djibouti Djibouti16-4Down-4
193Macau Macau141Up2
194Bahamas Bahamas13-1Down0
195Afghanistan Afghanistan100Equal0
195Seychelles Seychelles100Equal0
197Brunei Darussalam Brunei Darussalam90Equal0
197Bhutan Bhutan90Equal0
199Aruba Aruba70Equal0
200US Virgin Islands US Virgin Islands50Equal0

201Timor-Leste Timor-Leste30Equal0
202Andorra Andorra20Equal0
203San Marino San Marino00Equal0
203Anguilla Anguilla00Equal0
203Montserrat Montserrat00Equal0
203American Samoa American Samoa00Equal0
203Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea00Equal0