Sunday, December 19, 2010

Again, Batanes is off the map in the new 1000 peso bill

We, Ivatans are not surprised with the latest willful display of gross ignorance when the government printed new 1000 peso notes showing inaccurate geographical Philippine map (see below).

As you can see in the above photos, Batanes was deliberately excluded from the Philippine Map which shows that this ignorance is still prevailing  in the Philippine among the elites.  This ignorance is disgusting such that I can't simply accept this mistake was just a "minor" problem.  I wonder how much money was spent just for printing these inaccurate 'facts' to be the official Philippine Monetary notes to be circulated for the next few years.  Think of the long-term effect of this error to the next generation thinking that the Philippines' northern most province was these small FIVE DOTS just above the main Luzon island? It's most disgusting because I believe this new note passed through many "EDITORS" and "PROOF-READERS" before reaching its approval.  What happened? This error was a waste of people's tax money and a waste of time. Don't you think?

You may want to know how serious was the effect of this willful ignorance.  Well I was a victim of bullying in college just because I am from an unknown place on earth.  "Batanes? Saan ba 'yon, sa Visayas ba yan? May sasakyan na ba sa inyo? Nagsusuot na ba ng damit ang mga tao sa inyo?" Not knowing that Ivatans fly by airplane more frequently than any other Filipinos! Walang nagbabahag na sumasakay sa eroplano!

Old Philippine Map used in Textbooks

Source: Google Maps

I am still wishing that Batanes belongs to Taiwan. I think Taiwan and the Taiwanese have the reason why they prided Batanes more than the Philippines (read Ethnic Groups in the Philippines and my earlier blog post here). That would only justify the Philippines and the Filipino people's continuous and willful ignorance of the Batanes Islands as the Northernmost Island Province of the country and its natives, the Ivatan People in general.

Added to that ignorance? The insulting movie called "BATANES"

When will they learn?


  1. oh my, i just noticed this when you pointed it out! i do hope they make the necessary correction. tsk.

  2. Thanks Pinay Travel for commenting.
    Dios mamajes!

  3. same both maybe can't see the small island with peso philippines map lol XD

  4. oh no, we won't ignore and insult about movie batanes because the philippines map still keep in north luzon island together with batanes since 1909. my friends know that they got wrong map. most popular did travel in there's beautiful. i heard about they love being a filipino in batanes from the usa TFC and GMA Pinoy already.

    Don't be ignorance or insulting movie called batanes because they watched it so very beautiful. i'm on planning w my family and friends go to travel in batanes, baguio, and bohol next year. keep it up Pinoy Pride!