Monday, September 20, 2010

It's My Special Day: THANKS to your Greetings!

I cannot find any suitable words to express my sincerest THANKS to all of you who greeted me on my birthday.

I am truly richer for having quality-- genuine friends like you. Truly, you are the reason why life on earth is truly amazing and enriching. Because you freely gave me the abundance of your gift of persons, I am what God wants me to be and I wish no more than that. I wish nothing but you too may be the best that you can be.

The greatest gift you’ve ever given me on this day is the joy your greetings brought me. Tremendous and unexplainable joy I am feeling now. You are forever remembered because you resided in the deepest recesses of my heart.

That’s the reason why I want to thank each and everyone of you my friends in this post, in case I may fail to remember what you’ve told me on this special day. I want to record it for eternity and I want  the world to know that true friends are always remembered.

All of you are very very special to me. Not because some are richer than the others or some are gifted more looks or appeal than others. I do not judge according to physical appearance. I see your inmost sincerity. A true-ness in friendship always comes out. It will never be concealed.

I thank my dear parents who showed me love and care; my mother who bore me and cared for me, I love you more than any word I could say; my father who never give up amidst the difficulty of rearing 8 children (I am the youngest).

My thanks goes also to my Kuyas Mon, Romy, Juaning, Tom, Paul, thank you. To my two Ate Aida and Frena, thank you for the sisterly care; and to Ate Luzviminda wherever you are.

Thanks to my family and relatives Liz Cabitac, Kristine Vasol-Tivar, Agnes Cabitac, Mary Jane Vasol, Carlo Ivan Vasol, Michelle Vasol, John Winston Cabitac, Jessie Vasol Mangahas, Dennis Acaya Eron, Alexandro Joseph Naffa, Archy David, Fernan Palete and Joel Nedamo.

To my one and only love of my heart Rhoda I so adored. Thank you for the love and care you are so wonderfully created. Let me grow old with you. Let me see my children through you. Thanks for Tatang and Nanang for giving you to me.

For my CFC-Singles for Christ community in Camiling, Tarlac, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Doha-Ras Laffan, Qatar—thanks a lot for journeying with me. Thank you for the much needed push and for the encouragements. Truly you have brought God’s love in our midst. To T2 Bec, T2 Ogie (RIP), T2 Dennis, T2 Rany, T2 Bonnie, T2 Gerry, T2 Chris, T2 Fernan, T2, Anthony, T2 Andrew, T2 Joel, to all Titas in Jeddah and brothers SFCs; To Tito Henry and Tita Luchie, Bros. Gerard, Anthon, Delson, Patrick, Bong, Mark, Jay, Dexter, Glenn, Vioks, Yawh, Eric, Arlan, Mark Brian, all the elders in the CFC community, my brothers in Ras Laffan Household, Bros. Mike, Jacky, Mark, Bam, Jhun2x, Kuya Lenon and Kuya Albert, Herbert for calling me on my phone and CFC sister Gina Ballao in Canada, tita Aileen Reoyo-Palete wife of my brother Fernan Palete.

To Father Adam MacDonald, SVD, my former confrere in the SVD community, thank you very much for always remembering me and my family in your Masses. To my classmate Fr. Robert Laka-Plews, SVD from Papua new Guinea; To Fr. Ronaldo Manabat in Basco, Batanes Cathedral, Fr. Abe Arganiosa of Catholic Defender, my former classmate Tholitz Sardeña whose lives always fascinate me.

To Ate Bibeth, thanks for being my other ate. To Papa Eddie Palada, Mama Rosie Palada, my ading Glenn Mark , Gladys, Indang Helen, Lucy, thank you for being my other family.

To all my Muslim and non-Muslim Arab friends who are so wonderful and kindhearted, to me, you will always be my brothers because we are all under the mercy and generosity of One God, Lord of all – Ahmad Amar احمد عمر, Khaled Esso, Eyad El-Zinary, Anas Sayyed, Majd Tawil, Basel Obedat, Monty Awad, Abood Qudah, thank you.

To Ala’a (Alexandro) Naffa, my dearest Muslim brother, thank you for teaching me about the wonders of your faith. We have proven that the difference in our faith can never be a barrier to anyone’s friendship. Your Islamic faith is as wonderful as my Christian faith and we will always be the best brothers we can be in our own respective beliefs. Thanks for taking me to your family as well. My family remembers you too.

To my brothers Ahmad Hamdan Sbeih in Jordan; Abdelghani Eisa in Egypt; Hashim Ali Hashim in Saudi Arabia who is now studying in London; one of Palestine's greatest swimmers Fadi Awisat; and to Abady Alam in Saudi Arabia who forgot my birthday today, my sincerest thanks to you for the special link of friendship we have and for the trust. I will not forget you.

Kaydian ko a Ivatan – Auntie Eva Celia Agudo, Linda Valiente-Dalagan, Ate Alma Cataluña Araullo, Mark Agana, Flordeliz Estrella, Romualdo Estrella, Carina Javier my classmate, Gayle Baroña, Darling Aguto-Antalan, Ate Merlyn Gabilo, Anna Agudo-Meriel, Kathleen dela Isla, Glenda Cabal-Castaño, Anita Agudo, Babygrace See, Necitas Batin Castillejos, Lala Castillo-Tabuso, Liza Norrielen Simeon, Kuya Oscar Faeldon, Marjorie Ellen Alcantara – Ballada, Kyle Aumentado, Cynthia Agito, Aleth Agito-Lalata (and her family),  Ann Balles-Viola. To all IVATANS, Dios mamajes!

Thank you Chel Tabang, Alvin Espiritusanto, Ellain Espiritusanto, Michelle Ines, Daisy Basilio, Francis Angelo Menor, Marleen Carnaje, Chinaka Okoroafor, Yaekyum Lee, Evelyn Andal and Bryan Tamis, Jessie Malaya, to Zavis Jimenez my one-time US Military friend  before in Kuwait, thanks for the message, much appreciated, it's been six years when we first know each other lol; and Russ Miller, thanks a lot!

My co-workers here in Qatar who came and shook hands with me, Warren Vacaro (from Laguna), Nicolas Josef from Bordeaux, France, Zaw Win from Myanmar,, Marco Antonio Paz who is now working in Kentech, Tampico, Mexico; to Johnny Habchi from Lebanon but living in France, Anthony Mossmann from France and Matias Navarro from Argentina but living in Spain, all are enjoying their vacation now, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My heart is so small to contain such an ocean of love from you. I hope this year is another opportunity for us to bond more closely for this is the greatest gift we can give and share — A genuine FRIENDSHIP!

God bless you all and always be safe.

Here are the greetings I've go from friends all over the world.

Rhoda Abella (CFC-Singles Vancouver, Canada)

Happy, Happy Birthday My Darling! Words aren't enough to express how much I love you... Though we're apart, you're always in my thoughts and in my heart... You're the man of my dreams and God's gift to me. May our good Lord showers us more blessings and good health always. God bless us and our families! Enjoy your special...l day. Take care always! Miss you! I love you ling... muwah!

Jay Tongson (CFC-Singles Singapore)
"Happy Birthday sa HH natin jan.. God bless you always... more birthdays & Good health.."

Alvin Espiritusanto (Zamboanga City, Philippines)
hapy bday kuya...=)

Ava Celia Agudo (Ivana, Batanes Philippines)
Hapi bday!wish u more bday's 2 come n more blessing's

Linda Valiente Dalagan (Uyugan, Batanes, Philippines)
Happy Happy Birthday .... Pian Dios!

Alma Cataluna Araullo (Ivana, Batanes Philippines - Australia)
Kapian ka pan Dios du araw mo aya!!! Cheers!

Anthony Tabing (CFC-Singles Doha, Qatar)
Hi bro happy birthday sa iyo. May God grant you grace and courage joy and strength as a shepherd to our bros u

Mark Anthony Lara (CFC-Singles Ras Laffan, Qatar)
Bro erl happy bday i love you bro mwah 23 ha?handa mu ang litchon hehehe. God bless bro more blessings.

Mark Agana (Ivana, Batanes, Philippines)
happy birthday....

احمد عمر Ahmad Omar (Cairo, Egypt)
happy birthday Ernesto Vasol
in arabic kol sana wenta tayb

Flordeliz Estrella (Ivana, Batanes, Philippines)
happy birthday entol

Romualdo Estrella (Ivana, Batanes, Philippines)
Er Happy Birthday and God Bless

Michelle Ines (Camiling, Tarlac)
Happy birthday sir.

Liz Cabitac (Ivana, Batanes, Philippines)
Happy birthday, uncle Er! ^_^

Bette Biag-Go (Camiling, Tarlac, Philipines - USA)
‎"... on the wings of prayer we [Kevin and yours truly] send our warmest greetings...may your faith in God keep you safe from harm and may you be rewarded with abundant blessings..." LOVE-full day to you!

Bong Cabaluna (CFC-Singles Doha Qatar)
happy b-day kapatid! san ba kame pupunta sa thursday anu oras?

Abdelghani Eisa (Alexandria, Egypt)
Halo ernesto. happy birthday my dear friend. i miss qatar. your birthdya is 20 and me in 30. we are the same birthday in september. i am so happy coz we are friends. salam. ♥

Carina Javier (Ivana, Batanes - Brunei Darrusalam)
happy2 b-day classmate.wish u d best!ara va daw!

Gayle Marcela Hornedo Baroña (Ivana, Batanes Philippines)
happy bday kuya er...Godbless always..;)

Daisy Basilio Lucaten (San Clemente, Tarlac, Philippines)

From Home (Bulacan)
happy birthday anak.

Glenn Lucero (CFC-Singles Doha, Qatar)
happy bday brod!

Francis Angelo Go Menor (Camiling, Tarlac, Philippines)
happy birthday!

Kristine Vasol Tivar (Virac, Catanduanes, Philipipnes)
happy birthday tito..godbless always..

Agnes Cabitac (Manila)
Happy Birthday uncle Er!..Godbless...:D

Maryjane Duguran Vasol (Ivana, Batanes, Canada)

Fr. Adam MacDonald, SVD (Chicago, USA)
Greetings from your friend for a Happy, Happy Birthday! Did you change your Facebook page??? I no longer see you in my Friends' list. Please know that you're being remembered in my thoughts and prayers as you give thanks to God today for the gift of life. Take care and God bless!".

Marleen Carnaje (Silay City & Doha, Qatar)
happy happy birthday bro :)

Mark Brian Macabagdal (CFC-Singles Doha, Qatar)
Happy Birthday Bro! May the good Lord always bless and take care of you. have a great day today!

Chinaka Okoroafor (Ras Laffan, Qatar - Nigeria)
Happy Birthday Ernesto! I hope u r organizing a party for us. I wish u God's abundant blessings and many better years ahead. Enjoy your day!

Darling Aguto Antalan (Ivana, Batanes - USA)
happy birthday! :) imu maparara changuraw su red wine aw :)

Anthony Pacetes (CFC-Singles Jeddah, KSA)
Happy birthday tito..God bless po..ingat palage..

Merlyn Gabilo (Ivana, Batanes)
On ur b'day, some words of wisdom... while u still have teeth.
happy b'day!!!!

Anna Agudo-Meriel (Ivana, Batanes)
happy happy birthday kakteh!!!

Ellain Espiritusanto (Zamboanga City)
Happy birthday sir... :))

Yaekyum Lee (Seoul, South Korea, Ras Laffan, Qatar, Paris, France)

Kathleen Acedo Dela Isla (Ivana, Batanes)
Happy Birthday ...

Anita Agudo (Ivana, Batanes)

Khaled Esso (Alexandria, Egypt)
happy happyyyy birthday to you my dearest friend ERNOO
enjoyyyyyyyyyyy it to max ;)

Glenda Cabal Castano (Ivana, Batanes)
Happy Birthday mu kakteh....Many more b-days 2 come...God Bless!!!

Carlo Ivan Barona Vasol (Ivana, Batanes)
happy birthday uncle er..may u have more birthdays 2 come..god bless!

Vioks Rallos (CFC-Singles Doha, Qatar)
Maligayang bati sa iyong kaarawan kapatid! Pagpalain ka ng ating panginoon kasama ang iyong mga mahal sa buhay. :)

Yahweh Balondo (CFC-Singles Doha, Qatar)
Happy Happy Bday kapatid!!,..

Eric Mojares (CFC-Singles Doha, Qatar)
Maligayang kaawarawan brad!

John Winston Cabitac (Ivana, Batanes)
happy birthday cle er!

Babygrace See (Ivana, Batanes, Philippines0
Happy birthday! More birthdays 2 come, enjoy ur day, Godbles!

Ahmad Hamdan Sbeih ʚϊɞ (Amman, Jordan)
heeey happpppy birth dayyyy dude , wish alllllll allll the best for u bro.
have fun bro ;) ♥ ♥ ♥

Bryan Tamis (Camiling, Tarlac)
sir happy happy b-day,san tau ngaun,inuman na ah!

Liz Cabitac (Ivana, Batanes)
gift ko sayo, uncle er, am uved, yellow rice, kan payi. turuh ko nanchi an maynahu tad vatan. hahaha... dawa kelangan am mirwa kamu mamatan... taytu kud manila ya changuri... kapya kamu na daw. pray ko for a rain of blessings for u, uncle. ^_^

Eyad El-Zinary (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
happy birthday :D

Alexandro Naffa (Beirut-Lebanon, Texas, USA)

You know this is a very special day for me as it was my late beloved brother's birthday and as I told you I would NEVER forget this day.
I wish you the best wishes there is in the world, I pray that you and your family will always be safe with good health and wealth. Maybe you are not with yo......ur family now to celebrate this very special and important day of your life but remember that they love you and are depend on you all the time. Brother I want to thank you for always being there for me when needed and again wish you the best of luck in Life and I really hope to see you soon maybe when u come to Canada you can also pay a visit to your family here in HOUSTON...

Salam to you and to all of your family and your fiance

Necitas Batin Castillejos (Ivana, Batanes)
happy birthday!

Arlan M. Valdeabella (CFC-Singles Doha, Qatar)
Happy birthday Ernest!

Lala Castillo Tabuso (Basco, Batanes)
Happy birthday! Makawawa ka pirmi. God bless.

Liza Norrielene Simeon (Basco, Batanes, Philippines)
happy happy birthday po. . .more birthday's and blessing's to come......Godbless u always

Christopher S. Pangan (CFC-Couples Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
Happy Birthday tito!God Bless

Evelyn Andal (Milan, Italy)
Happy Birthday po, Have a very nice day, May God bless you always, pray for me too, thanks a lot po.

Jacky Alcoriza (CFC-Singles Ras Laffan, Qatar)

Michael Mitu (CFC-Singles Ras Laffan, Qatar)
ALLTOGETHER, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO IR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maagang pa-burger naman dyan mamamaya sa JK Plaza (Kung makakapasok, hehehehehe)

Gladys Palada (Milan, Italy)
happy birthday -mama

Oscar Faeldon Happy (Mahatao, Batanes, Philippines)
Birthday Kaydian!

Anas Sayyed (Palestine)
Happy birthday ernesto

Chel P Tabang
Happy birthday Er,may God grant u peace,love,and joy,mor bdays 2 come! Be d best of wat u r...god bless!

Leonora Salac
Happy birthday pinsan! muzta kna dyan?

Marjorie Ellen Alcantara-Ballada
happy birthday er! makawawa ka daw
enjoy your bday and take care alwa

Fernan Palete (CFC Jeddah, Doha)
hello po tito..
happy2x birthday lang po sa iyo dyan. i know medyo hindi rin maganda ang news na dumating satin but i hope somehow you enjoy din your birthday with your friends dyan. lets just continue praying for tito ogie as well as sa kanyang family. Hes really a good servant, a good leader, a brother and really a ve...ry good friend to us. i remember nga the times na andun pa tayo sa jeddah na naging bahay na rin natin ang bahay nya esp during weekend. basta ingat lang po lagi dyan to. God bless po sa ating lahat. have a very happy2x birthday to you..ys.

Gina Ballao (CFC Vancouver, Canada)
BIRTHDAY... pareng errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! wishing u all the best inlyf,more bdays to cme and alwys gudhealth thogh....godblesss!

Boneng Villamil (CFC Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
Happy Birthday T2 Er! God bless.

Jessie Mangahas (Norzagaray, Bulacan)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY .....uncle we mis you and we love you saw much.. take care always..god bless

Majd Tawil (Palestine)
Happy birthday ernesto :d

Basel Obedat (Palestine)
Happy birthday ernesto

Monty Awad (Cairo, Egypt)
"happy birth day"

Abood Qudah (Amman, Jordan)
happy birthday my best friend

Julius Battuing (Sabtang, Batanes)
hapi bday n God bless

Zavis Jimenez (USA)
Bon anniversaire, alles Gute zum Geburtstag, 生日快乐, buon compleanno, с днем рождения, 축 생일, feliz cumpleaños, happy birthday to you in french, german, chinese, italian, russian, korean and spanish hope your birthday is a wonderfully filled with many fond memories as you begin a new year of your life. Take and love of love.

Jhun-Jhun Echon (CFC-Singles Ras Laffan, Qatar)
Good afternoon Brad,'t late na kayo nag-email at nag-greet kay kuya Ir, hinintay ko message ninyo hanggang 9am para magsecond the motion lang ako...hehehe

Kuya Ir, happy birthday birthday! More Blessings at Pagpapasalamat sa Poong Maykapal.. Alas-4 pa lang naman, puede pa bumati.. hehe

God bless sa lahat...

Zaw Thomaszakaria Zaw (Myanmar)
Happy B'day my online fri ..............
I would like to sent u wonderful e B'day card .......... but later...........

Jessie Malaya (Cavite, Philippines)
happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rommel Pulpulaan (CFC- Singles Doha, Qatar)
Maligayang Bati Kapatid! May you feel the Lord's love all year round! God bless!

Xtian Cataluña Vaso (Ivana, Batanes, Philippines)
happy birthday po :)

Marco Antonio Paz (Kentech, Tampico, Mexico)
happy birthday!!!

A Rc H David
kuya i suddenly thought n bday mo today, i was reading sumthing then it hit me. happy birthday kuya!! gbu!

Kyle Aumentado
Happy Birthday!!! ara kana mangu? angu paybirthdeyan camel hehehe joke...take care:)

Aileen Reoyo-Palete (Iloilo, Philippines)
hi t2 happy birthday.

Cynthia Agito (Ivana, Batanes)
hi! Er, happy birthday, more blessings to come and hev a great day...cheers:)

Dexter Carreon (CFC-Singles Doha, Qatar)
Happy Birthday Bro! God bless

Ann Balles-Viola
HAppy HaPpY 25 (th) birthday Kaidian! kabday mo rin sis, pamangkin at Auntie ko. . . . God Bless u all and God bless you more

Fadi Awisat (Palestine)
happy birthday er ,, wish u all the best man:)
enjoy it maaaaaxx ,,have a great day
ur friend

Dennis Acaya (Ivana, Batanes)
Happy B-day uncle....

Droidz Red (CFC-Singles Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
Happy birthday T2 Er. May you receive all you heart's desire the whole year through! We miss you here sa Jeddah!

Russ Miller (Cumberland, MD, USA)
Happy Birthday Ernesto. Hope you enjoyed your day. God Bless.


  1. thank you my good friend arnesto. you amazing friend. shkrn

  2. ling, good job! keep it up! I really appreciate... I'm so proud of You! God bless us & our families! Take care always... I love you ling...