Saturday, September 18, 2010

IN MEMORIAM: Brother Ogie Guererro (CFC Jeddah Unit Head - SOLD) R.I.P.


I am saddened by the news that came to me today through Bro. Anthony, a brother in the CFC Community in Jeddah, KSA that Bro. Ogie Guererro passed away yesterday while he and some companions were enjoying the weekends yesterday, 17-September-2010 in Obhur.

I cannot explain the sadness I am feeling right now.  I wanted to share my grief to my community in Jeddah.  I can only comfort myself by contemplating about the good memories we shared in the community while I was in Jeddah from 2006-2007. Our encounter may be very short but his personal witnessing to Christ and his exemplary service to the CFC Community will be remembered forever.

Tito Ogie's residence was just a few walks away from my house. He use to pick me and drop me home when there were big gatherings like teachings and celebration of the Holy Mass. He invites me to some dinner or just for bonding with other community members like Tito Fernan Palete with Tito Dennis Lee Rivera. We hold Tito Ogie on high esteem for his Christ-like leadership.

How could I forget Tito Ogie when he was there all the time when I needed his brotherly care. On the eve of my supposed deportation (after my sponsor failed to issue my Iqama) he and two other Titos (Andrew and Dennis) patiently waited for me at McDonalds. He ensured that I have everything I needed before the "raid" would take place. 

Three days while I hiddenly housed by a Filipino muttawas inside a "safe-house" in Sarafia Street, he and Tito Dennis use to drop by and treat me with my favorite "biryani."

Tito Ogie gave me hope and strength while I was patiently waiting for my flight from the Jawasat for 18 days.  He assured me of our community's constant prayers in my behalf encouraging me to have faith in the Lord and to be patient. 
Tito Ogie was God's ultimate instrument for flowing His blessings when I was totally dependent and in need of financial assistance. Thanks to Tito Rany Constantitno who became our father in the community that blessings start pouring in from our brethren in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

During one of his vacation in the Philippines, I visited him with his family in Marilao, Bulacan. His house is just two rides away from my brother's house. I met his family and shared good times together.

I had always hoped to meet him again in Jeddah or in Bulacan if there would be any chance but that hope vanished when I learned of his death.

The feeling of sadness I felt was very personal to me. I had cousins and relatives who died before but I didn't grieved that much. In Tito Ogie's death I was deeply mourning. I was moved to tears but I couldn't. I was feeling frustrated. Yes I was a bit angry.

But then, I have to remind myself of the fact that life on earth is just temporary and that we have to be prepared anytime.

I maybe sad for losing a dear brother and a loving and trusted friend but our faith in the Lord should give me the reason to rejoice for he is now with the Lord.

I will always miss you Tito Ogie. Through our prayers and sacrifices, may the Lord cleanse you from your sins and receive you in Paradise. May your soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

To his family, may your faith sustains you during this difficult times. May you find shelter and strength in the Lord who is the source of our life.

May you be strengthened by our community and may you always find joy and peace in Christ the Lord.

In his letter to the Romans (8:38-39), St. Paul has a very beautiful reminder for all of us pilgrims that "neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor present things, nor future things, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, 10 nor any other creature will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord."

Our KSA CFC Community is mourning. In behalf of our CFC Qatar Community, I join you brethren in your grief for the loss of our dear brother Ogie Gurerro.

Here is a letter from Bro. Andrew for those who wish to extend their condolences to his bereaved family.


Siguro naman po nakaabot na sa inyo na wala na po si Tito Ogie Guerrero, ang Unit Head ng SOLD Jeddah at Coordinator for SOLDWR, who died while scuba diving sa Obhur area ng Jeddah yesterday, 17 Sept 2010. Nalunod po si T2 Ogie, naubusan ng oxygen.

Ang SFCWR po will definitely organize a day para po sabay-sabay na bumisita dun ang mga Tito/Tita na nasa Pilipinas na for good or on vacation, to show our solidarity with the bereaved family. Please coordinate with our contact person, si T2 Thony Bencalo, +639065285581.

Eto po ang home address ni T2 Ogie:

LANDLINE 044 7201988

Ang sister-wife nya po ay si Tita Grace Guerrero. So far, hindi pa po natin alam kung saan ibuburol kasi po andito pa po sa Jeddah ang bangkay.

Sana po ay be ready to visit the family kapag dumating na po ang bangkay dyan.

God bless!
T2 Droidz

With T2 Bec, another T2,  T2 Rany & T2 Ogie

Jeddah, KSA photo in 2006 before our beach outing (CFC-Singles for Christ members with Tito Ogie)

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