Monday, November 22, 2010

Christian Persecution in the Middle East and Condom War in the West

Because of the callousness of the Western civilization in religious issues and instead of talking about the horrific plight of suffering Arab Christians at the hands of few Arab terrorists politicizing religion, Iraqi Christians have to do their own way to a safer place, Jordan.

Rather than talking about how they support all those who are persecuted in the name of religion, people in the West love Church and the Pope for one issue. They want the powerful Catholic Church to allow them SEX as they want.

Well at least in the United States, everyone is requesting for their freedom: Freedom to divorce, freedom to re-marry, freedom to marry same sex, freedom to marry their dogs, cats, camels, horses, and freedom to divorce them when they want. They want freedom to have sex anywhere, to anybody or anything as they wish. Life in America is all about the bad side of Freedom.

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