Thursday, August 18, 2011

Next World Youth Day: BRAZIL!

Photo Source: AnyTen.Blog

Estimated to have gathered 2 million pilgrim youths around the globe, Pope Benedict XVI enjoyed what was never said in news media about Catholic Youths-- vibrant and up for the Church' call to holiness.

Deeply impressed by the discipline showed by Catholic youths the Mayor of Madrid exclaimed:

“I have been mayor of Madrid for 16 years and never in my life have I met people so willing to help out and follow instructions.. Madrid has never put on an event as challenging as this one...

“One thing is that it is amazing that an 84-year-old man can bring together more than one million young people.

“We should focus on the faith and not on a person, but we live in a world in which the abstract needs to be made personal by someone and in which young people need to affirm their willingness to set aside their routines in order meet others like themselves, and be open to getting excited and sharing about a message... (A)nd that is what Benedict XVI has done."

I can only rejoice by the fact that the World Youth Day in Madrid was a success! Truly, as Blessed John Paul II said, our youths are the future of the Church.

So let's look forward for the next World Youth Day outside Rome: BRAZIL!!! YOU are invited to submit YOUR Slogan with the theme: Go and make disciples of all nations. (Mt. 28:19)

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