Sunday, October 10, 2010

2010 FIVB Men's World Championship - Italy

The French block is in vain as Cristian Savani scores a point for Italy.
Photo Source: FIVB
MEN'S VOLLEYBALL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP - Italy 2010 championship will be held in Rome, Italy where 24 nations had competed.

Although my favorite teams such as EGYPT, IRAN, MEXICO, and FRANCE lost but ITALY will be brazing itself against Serbia for the Third Place while BRAZIL will be fighting against CUBA for the Championship!

Here's the current standing for each country:

CUBA vs BRAZIL (Second & First Place)
SERBIA vs ITALY (Third Place)
RUSSIA (Fourth Place)
USA (Fifth Place)
BULGARIA (Sixth Place)
GERMANY (Seventh Place)
ARGENTINA (Eigth Place)
FRANCE (Tenth Place)
SPAIN (Eleventh Place)

Here's the complete Ranking List:
Visit this year's Men's Volleyball Worl Championship OFFICIAL SITE or at Wikipedia.

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