Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What makes a man "bad"?

"what you are doing
you now freind for isreal
i can't keep you with my freinds any more."

These are the exact words I received in my Facebook inbox from a long-time Muslim friend I truly cherish while in Jeddah. He couldn't believe that I posted Catholics for Israel in my Facebook Page. No doubt, I have fought for Palestinian sovereignty way back when I was in college and that will not fade. He then deleted my name among his friends. Painful but I understand.

Does true friendship and love transcend our differences? Friendship requires no more than unconditional love and I truly believe in that. This is how friendship is strengthened. Setting conditions in between kills the very definition of the word. I can't agree more than my friend's reaction. He acted according to what he feels best and keeping me would harm his friendship with others as well. I am sure his decision wasn't easy but he has made the right decision. Thank you for the good friendship we had before.

Intentionally, I posted that site not to harm the political sensitivities of my Muslim Arab friend but it was because of my Catholic faith that I shouldn't be siding neither pro nor anti. No Jews, Muslims, unbelievers, we believe we are all children of God whether we like it or not. God cannot be reduced according to our political views. God is God even we fail to define his true essence. That's what I believe.

To my Muslim friend, Iam sorry if what I've posted was offensive to you. It was not meant to be. I deeply respect your political sensibilities when it comes to Israel but please understand that I am a Catholic and that it is against my Catholic faith and the Catholic teachings to treat people differently just because they have different beliefs, different political stand, they have darker skins, or they are Israelis or Palestinians or non-Catholics. We see everyone like they are our brothers and sisters. Their dignity as human beings is the same with my dignity as a human person endowed by the ONE GOD we all believe.

Christ in the Christian Bible says to "love one another" as he has loved us. Worst, when he taught us to "love even our "our enemies" and "offer the other cheek" when someone slaps us. For Catholics, we don't want enemies but friends and for this reason we will be known to be Christians for this is the whole of the teachings Christ have summed up. Love for God is LOVE.

Catholics build bridges, not walls.

Salam! Shalom!

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